Five Plus offers you the possibility of organizing the birthday parties of the youngest at home in a different and fun way.

It is about finding ourselves in a green area and invigorating the typical snack with several workshops where children can learn and start in the world of sports in nature, while playing.

To start the afternoon, Five Plus proposes a mix between gymkhana and orientation race where participants will look for a series of milestones using a GPS or mobile application provided by the organization. There will be a point to find for each child so that everyone participates in the search. At each milestone, a small detail for the participants can be hidden, such as a candy bag or similar, at the parents’ discretion, to encourage participation. The last goal to find will always be the starting / meeting point where you will find a table with the gifts of the birthday person.

The star dish of the event is a rope zipline of more than 50 meters that can be used both by children and their parents. Accompanied by abseiling workshops and various children’s games such as stretching the rope, creating various types of fortune shelters and the like.

Five Plus also includes the possibility of organizing a small picnic lunch so that parents do not have to worry about anything other than taking the children to the activity site.

We have a couple of ideal places for this activity in the surroundings of Girona city, even so, we are willing to study the feasibility of mounting it in any place where they are interested, without any commitment.

Do not hesitate to ask us for availability or any questions you may have. Five Plus adapts very easily to the needs of our clients.

See you soon !!